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Glasses / eyewear AI TRY ON with feel like to real for WP WooCommerce

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A WordPress plugin to your customers feel like to wear real glasses/sunglasses our AI System face & eyes detection real time to focus your Web Camera or Mobile Camera!


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Most adaptive and affordable try-on plugin for e-commerce. World’s No. 1 solution for retailers.

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Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin
wordpress eyeglasses plugin
Virtusl Try On for Eyewear
Virtual try-on technology allows you to see how different frames will look on your face without the need for physically trying them on. Using sophisticated algorithms and augmented reality, these innovative platforms create a realistic and interactive experience, giving you a true sense of how the glasses will suit your unique features.
Virtual Try-On Technology
Shopping for eyewear has never been easier thanks to the incredible advancements in virtual try-on technology. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of purchasing glasses online and embrace a revolutionary way to find your perfect pair. With virtual try-on, you can explore a vast selection of eyewear styles and confidently make your choice from the comfort of your own home.
Real time Eyewear TRY ON using Web Camera
Our cutting-edge real-time web camera try-on feature brings the fitting room experience directly to your computer or mobile device. With just a few clicks, you can activate your web camera and instantly see how different eyewear styles look on your face in real time. It’s as simple as looking into the camera and watching as the virtual frames seamlessly appear on your screen, creating an interactive and immersive try-on experience like no other.

WordPress Eye Glasses AI TRY ON WooCommerce Plugin

Our WordPress Eye Glasses AI Try On WooCommerce Plugin is a game-changer for online eyewear retailers. This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store, allowing your customers to virtually try on glasses and find their perfect fit with ease.

With our innovative AI-powered technology, customers can now experience the thrill of trying on eyewear in real-time, directly from their device. No more guessing or second-guessing when it comes to selecting the right frames. Our plugin utilizes advanced facial recognition and AI algorithms to accurately detect the customer’s face and overlay virtual glasses on their live video feed.

Key Features of the WordPress Eye Glasses AI Try On WooCommerce Plugin:

  1. Virtual Try-On Experience: Our plugin provides customers with an immersive and interactive virtual try-on experience. They can simply upload a photo or use their device’s camera to see themselves wearing different glasses in real-time. It’s like having a virtual fitting room right at their fingertips!

  2. Extensive Eyewear Collection: Showcase your wide range of eyewear options within your WooCommerce store. Customers can easily browse through your collection, select their preferred frames, and instantly see how they look on their face using our AI-powered virtual try-on feature.

  3. Accurate Face and Glasses Alignment: Our plugin ensures precise alignment of the virtual glasses on the customer’s face. With advanced facial recognition technology, the glasses are positioned accurately, taking into account the customer’s facial features, eye placement, and other crucial factors. This creates a realistic and personalized try-on experience.

  4. Customization and Personalization: Enable customers to explore different styles, colors, and designs effortlessly. Our plugin allows them to switch between various glasses options, empowering them to find the perfect pair that matches their individual preferences and style.

  5. Easy Integration and Configuration: Installing and configuring our WordPress Eye Glasses AI Try On WooCommerce Plugin is a breeze. With clear instructions and a user-friendly interface, you can quickly set up the plugin and start offering the virtual try-on feature to your customers.

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