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Faisalabad to Lahore Train timing & Fare

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Traveling between Faisalabad and Lahore by train offers a convenient and scenic journey, with three notable options to choose from: Shalimar Express, Badar Express, and Karakoram Express. In this article, we’ll delve into the timings, stops, and fare details for these trains, providing valuable information for passengers planning their rail travel.

Faisalabad to Lahore Train Timing and Fare:
TrainDeparture TimeArrival TimeDurationStopsAC BusinessAC Lower / StandardAC SleeperEconomyParlor Car
Shalimar Express00:1502:152 hrsNon-stopPKR 1450PKR 900N/APKR 600PKR 1100
Badar Express05:4508:202 hrs 30 mins6 StopsN/AN/AN/APKR 200N/A
Karakoram Express07:2009:202 hrsNon-stopPKR 1550PKR 950PKR 2000PKR 850N/A

Train Timings:

  1. 27UP – Shalimar Express:
    • Departure: 00:15
    • Arrival: 02:15
    • Duration: Non-stop, 2 hours
  2. 111UP – Badar Express:
    • Departure: 05:45
    • Arrival: 08:20
    • Duration: 6 Stops, 2 hours 30 minutes
  3. 41UP – Karakoram Express:
    • Departure: 07:20
    • Arrival: 09:20
    • Duration: Non-stop, 2 hours

Train Fares:

Shalimar Express:
  • AC Business: PKR 1450
  • AC Lower / Standard: PKR 900
  • Economy: PKR 600
  • Parlor Car: PKR 1100
Badar Express:
  • Economy: PKR 200
Karakoram Express:
  • AC Business: PKR 1550
  • AC Lower / Standard: PKR 950
  • AC Sleeper: PKR 2000
  • Economy: PKR 850

Noteworthy Points:

  1. Travel Time:
    • Shalimar and Karakoram Express are non-stop, taking approximately 2 hours each for the journey.
    • Badar Express, with 6 stops, has a slightly longer travel time of 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  2. Fare Details:
    • Fare for Berth and Seat is consistent across all three trains, ensuring simplicity for passengers in choosing their preferred class.
Whether you’re looking for a quick non-stop journey or don’t mind a few stops along the way, Faisalabad to Lahore train travel provides various options to suit your preferences. Understanding the timings and fare details for Shalimar Express, Badar Express, and Karakoram Express empowers passengers to plan their journeys efficiently, making the most of Pakistan’s well-connected railway network. Safe travels!Planning a train journey from Faisalabad to Lahore in Pakistan? One crucial factor to consider when buying your ticket is the cost. In this guide for an effortless train journey in 2024, we provide all the necessary information—from ticket pricing and timing details to facilities available throughout the trip.The Faisalabad to Lahore railway line stands out as one of the most convenient modes of travel between these vibrant Pakistani cities. It provides affordable transportation options suitable for both residents and tourists alike. To ensure a seamless journey, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with ticket prices, train timings, and the facilities offered during this transit. Stay informed for a hassle-free travel experience!The travel time between Faisalabad and Lahore typically varies between three to four hours, contingent on factors such as the type of train and the number of stops en route.Covering a distance of approximately 154 kilometers, train travel between Faisalabad and Lahore offers passengers scenic views of Punjab’s countryside, presenting a convenient and cost-effective alternative to road travel.Facilities provided on trains along this route ensure a relaxing and enjoyable journey, including:Air Conditioning: Many trains boast air-conditioned carriages, enhancing comfort, especially during warmer seasons.Dining Car: Select trains offer dining cars, providing passengers with the opportunity to enjoy meals and refreshments throughout the journey.Wi-Fi: In response to the modern need for connectivity, some trains are equipped with Wi-Fi services, enabling passengers to stay in touch, catch up on work, or indulge in entertainment during the trip.Luggage Storage: Secure luggage storage facilities are available, offering peace of mind to travelers about the safety of their belongings.Purchasing train tickets from Faisalabad to Lahore has never been more convenient with the advent of digital technology. Whether through Pakistan Railways or a local travel agent, booking online allows passengers to select departure and arrival locations, preferred class, and travel date. Real-time seat availability is viewable during the booking process, saving time and providing flexibility to plan journeys at one’s convenience without the need to visit physical booking offices. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of modern train travel with online ticket booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the total distance between Faisalabad and Lahore by train?

  • The total distance covered by train between Faisalabad and Lahore is approximately 154 kilometers.

2. How long does the train journey from Faisalabad to Lahore usually take?

  • The duration of the train journey from Faisalabad to Lahore typically ranges between three to four hours. The exact time depends on factors such as the type of train and the number of stops along the route.

3. What is the price range for train tickets from Faisalabad to Lahore?

  • The price range for train tickets from Faisalabad to Lahore varies based on factors such as the class of travel and the type of train. Ticket prices typically offer options to accommodate various budgets, providing both economical and more luxurious travel choices.

4. Can I book train tickets online for the Faisalabad to Lahore route?

  • Yes, train tickets for the Faisalabad to Lahore route can be conveniently booked online. Pakistan Railways and local travel agents offer online booking services. Passengers can select their departure and arrival locations, preferred class, and travel date to view real-time seat availability during the booking process.

5. What are the available facilities on trains for the Faisalabad to Lahore route?

  • Trains traveling between Faisalabad and Lahore offer various facilities to enhance the travel experience. These may include:
    • Air Conditioning: Many trains feature air-conditioned carriages.
    • Dining Car: Select trains provide dining cars for passengers to enjoy meals and refreshments.
    • Wi-Fi: Some trains are equipped with Wi-Fi services for connectivity.
    • Luggage Storage: Secure facilities are available for the safe storage of luggage.
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